We deliver experiences, adventures and tours for travellers looking for one-of-a-kind experiences.

Unique travel experiences at your fingertips.

We believe that the typical tour can be bland, lacklustre and generic. They do not need to be. We set out to reimagine what a tour should be. Amidst the overwhelming amount of generic tours lies unexplored, authentic experiences that we know our target customers are looking for: it’s about the quality of the experience, the chemistry with the guide and feeling safe across the journey.

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Feel safe with certified guides


Live is the first travel platform that focuses on connecting discerning travelers with likeminded local guides to experience unique adventures across the globe.
Live has developed relationships with the best guides in each region, and we are very selective in the type of experience we offer on our platform. We handpick each guide based on quality, reviews and uniqueness, then ask them to provide a comprehensive personal profile. This let us provide a better match between you and the guide.

Avoid the traditional group tours and live a truly one of a kind adventure with our selected group of certified guides.